"Yoga has given me confidence to face life's challenges. This is my place of peace and happiness — things we have neglected in pursuit of things that are beyond our control."

A husband, father, yoga teacher, a wanderer.

An introverted type of person, he loves reading, walks in the beach, to gaze at the evening sky, watch the sunset on a bench just beside a busy street. He loves to observe and watch.

Some years ago he had to face a big hurdle in life. Just a simple thought of going to work triggers a huge wave of anxiety - he can hear his heartbeat, muscles contract, and feel indescribable fear. He had to take medication and therapy for more than two years to overcome all of it.

Raffy's yoga journey started in 2016, and, a few months later, took his teacher's training. His first practice was out of curiosity, not expecting he'd eventually enjoy and feel something different out of it.

He was amazed at how he was able to manipulate the body into certain postures. He sees a difficult pose as a goal to achieve.

That mindset inspired him to continue.

Later on, he realized that he loved what he was doing. He felt grounded and connected to himself.

In class, he felt some sort of a transformation. It was like becoming a different person. One of my students even mentioned that.

Being a yogi and a teacher is quite a challenging task.

One needs to set a practice on your own, formulate classes for the students, and so on.

As a teacher or a guide (as I always tell my students), one needs to be mindful of the body's limitations. You can always challenge yourself but you have to do it in a safe way.

He accumulated a lot of notable experience in teaching and during his own practice. Raffy leaves it for you to discover what these are but there is something that the majority, if not all, would agree with: connection.

He's in a place where people who've known him in the past wouldn't imagine him to be.

Attending a class is an outward projection of connectivity. Doing your own practice is an inward projection of connectivity towards yourself.

Raffy is happy to be with students or other people. A simple view of a flower, a gesture of hugging someone, listening to music or being alone in nature brings him joy.

Life is a roller coaster ride, so let's not complicate it. Steer it with contentment and gratitude.